I am a day late so I do apologize.

There aren’t a lot of movies where almost every scene could be framed and hung up like a piece of art. Days of Heaven is one of said movies.

Released in 1978, Days of Heaven is one of Terrence Malick’s most accessible movies. And by accessible I mean that there isn’t an excessive amount of narration and the plot is actually pretty solid.

Richard Gere, in one of his earliest roles, plays Bill, a man who is trying to care for the woman he loves and little girl at the beginning of the 20th century. When they arrive to a farm out in the country, the Farmer, played by Sam Shepard, falls in love with Gere’s woman, so he convinces her to marry him so they can inherit his land when he dies.

The story is an allusion to the story of Abraham and Sarah in the Book of Genesis, but does change things around a bit.

This was the last movie that Terrance Malick made for almost 20 years, and the scenery and the haunting score by Ennio Morricone left audiences craving for more.

So if you want to watch one of the most beautiful movies ever made, you can check it out on Netflix.