There Will Be Blood is one of those movies that gets better as the years go by. When I first saw it in theaters back in 2007, I didn’t quite get it, it seemed long and dense for a 7th grader. Yet, as the years have passed, I have developed a much greater appreciation of it, and when compared to No Country for Old Men (which I enjoyed more at the time) it is a far superior film.

Both are masterpieces, don’t get me wrong, but when a film is so masterfully filmed, with a great soundtrack, and even greater acting by Daniel Day-Lewis who thankfully won for his performance, one is left scratching their head when No Country for Old Men takes directing, adapted screenplay, and best picture.

There Will Be Blood only won two Oscars, which is a travesty. The movie is about greed, as was No Country for Old Men, but There Will Be Blood felt so much grander in scope. It was also about the descent into evil and the effects money and power can have on someone.

Daniel Day-Lewis most definitely earned his Oscar, as he does in most every one of his roles. His famous “milkshake” quote has lived on for 6 years after the films released. He gives a performance that can even be considered better than his one in Lincoln.

I have no problem with No Country for Old Men, I think it is a fantastic movie, but since I am focusing on what should have won, There Will Be Blood deserved it more.