This one is going to be a short one because I am sick and have homework, but I still want to be consistent, so here we go:

One of the biggest shockers in recent years at the Academy Awards is Brokeback Mountain losing to Crash.

I hated Crash.

I thought it was boring, it didn’t really offer anything new.

Brokeback Mountain was unique, it had a message, it was taboo.

Which is probably why it didn’t win.

Brokeback Mountain was beautiful, it was heartbreaking, and it was true. With so much polarization about gay rights, it stood out against the fray and achieved more success than people were thinking. It won Best Director, Score, and Screenplay, but lost for Acting (in three separate categories), Cinematography (it lost to Memoirs of a Geisha, but I still think it should have won), and it lost Best Picture (obviously or else I wouldn’t be writing about it). Prior to the Academy Awards it won at The Golden Globes, which usually are a good indicator, but unfortunately not this time.

Crash on the other hand won for Editing, Original Screenplay, and Picture. I tried to watch it a couple times and just could not feel the same impact that Brokeback Mountain had. When Jack Nicholson announced it as winning Best Picture, even he was surprised. It was a total shock, and it was one of the biggest mistakes the Academy has made.