The Boondock Saints is one of my most favorite cult films. Released in 1999 to a total of 5 theaters, it failed at the box office and received poor reviews. When it was released for home-viewing, it soon amassed $50 million. 

The film is the one-hit-wonder of Troy Duffy, who directs the rising stars Sean Patrick Flanery (Most recently on the final season of Dexter) and Norman Reedus (Daryl on Walking Dead) as two brothers who seek out the get rid of the scum of Boston through vigilante justice. They are just two bumbling idiots who want to act like action heroes, buying big guns that they probably shouldn’t be handling, yet they always seem to pull it off. It is a hilarious and action-packed, featuring some of my most favorite action sequences ever. The movie that also features Willem Dafoe in one of his best roles as Agent Smecker, the unorthodox police agent investigating the killings of the Saints. If you love Willem Dafoe you must watch this movie, it is simply amazing the work he does, and he is completely underrated in his performance. 

Their sidekick Rocco, is probably the most humorous aspect of this movie, and is the butt end of basically all the jokes in this film. 

A sequel to this movie was attempted to be made for 10 years until it came out in 2009. Let’s just say they could have left it alone. The sequel leaves it open for a third one, which could probably never come out since the director has not done anything with the talent he had in making the first one. So, let’s just stick with the first one. 

So, if you want to watch a truly great cult action movie, look no further than The Boondock Saints, just do please avoid that god-awful sequel. It just is really really terrible. Like horrible. Don’t watch it, please.