Hello all my faithful followers, I sincerely apologize for my absence these past couple weeks. I have been bogged down with 5000+ words of papers as well as studying for test, so I have not been able to see many movies/post about Movie of the Weeks. I can gladly say, though, that I am now on Summer Vacation. Summer is my most favorite time of year because I can finally watch all of the movies that I have compiled throughout the year without distraction; so do expect a fair amount of reviews and consistent “Movie of the Week” posts. I will also be doing my traditional list of every movie I watch over summer. This is the first summer in which I have a blog, so do be prepared for a lot of notifications. I will be posting about almost every movie I watch. They will not be full reviews (I will be leaving those to the ones in theaters) so you do not have to do that much reading. Anyway, thank you again for following my blog and joining me on this adventure through my summer.