Steve McQueen, the director of 12 Years a Slave, is not one to sugar-coat things. Just take a look at the whipping scenes from the aforementioned movie and you’ll see what I mean. His first movie to gain notice in America, Shame, which is only his second of three movies, delves into the realm of sex-addiction, so be expecting some nudity. 

Michael Fassbender, a McQueen staple, plays Brandon, a wealthy executive in New York who does not have any girlfriend or even close friends. He engages in every pornographic and sexual activity possible. His lifestyle allows him to indulge his addiction. When his sister, Sissy, a suicidal girl with a messy past, crashes his apartment, his life becomes more complex.

This is not an easy or “fun” movie to watch. It is very powerful and intense. It is filled with wonderful long takes and great performances which were dismissed when the Oscars came around back in 2011. Don’t be scared by its rough and taboo material, it is an excellently crafted film. From the haunting score to Fassbender’s spectacular acting, it is a movie that is vastly underrated. Oh, and have I forgot to mention it is NC-17?

So, if you have seen 12 Years a Slave or Hunger and want to see more of McQueen’s work, check this out. Also check it out if you want to see a movie that focuses on a subject that is absent from many mainstream markets.