The leaves have changed color, the cold is creeping in, and some excellent looking movies will be arriving quite soon. This last weekend we saw the arrival of the hotly anticipated Gone Girl, which I will be posting my review by this Saturday evening. Also coming up is Brad Pitt’s WWII flick, Fury, Christopher Nolan’s monumental Interstellar, Steve Carrell and Channing Tatum’s performance driven biopic Foxcatcher, the beginning of the end in Mockingjay Part I, the actual end of the Hobbit trilogy in The Battle of the Five Armies, Angelina Jolie’s WWII epic-biopic Unbroken, and many many more. I will try my hardest to see these movies as soon as possible and get my review up. Of course I may not always be able to, but I will be posting for each and every movie. Now that it is approaching Awards Season, each of these movies could hold weight in the races. I have no idea what movies will be the heavyweight contenders, but I will be giving my thoughts on each of them as they come along. There is always the chance that movies released before Autumn (Boyhood for example) will also be a contender but those are harder to judge until the other movies come out. When the actual nominations and Awards Shows arrive, I will give my predictions and reactions to the snubs and whatnot. I plan to cover the Golden Globes and Oscars as I did last year, with the potential of the Screen Actors Guild Awards as well.


As always, thank you for the support and for reading along. Be sure to pass the site along to friends and fellow moviegoers. I have also changed the layout of the site a bit, so any comments or concerns are welcome.