Welcome to December, the real beginning of Awards Season where we will soon be seeing and hearing about all of the winners and losers from a year of some pretty remarkable films. The Golden Globes, the Oscars, The SAGS, and many others will soon be airing, so I will be keeping you updated on all the biggest shockers and snubs.

In other news, I am pretty much on break now from school which means more time for movie-watching for fun as opposed to homework. This means that I will be bringing back the Summer Series I did over Summer break but instead it will obviously be called Winter Series. I have some pretty interesting films lined up to watch from my collecting since the school year began and I have approximately a month to watch them all before I return to the books.

The majority of the films will be my go-to Criterion films which I had marathons of over the summer, which you can find by clicking the “Summer Series” tab near the top of the page, as well as the big movies yet to come like the final Hobbit, Unbroken, Inherent Vice, The Imitation Game, Foxcatcher, The Interview, and several more. Also lined up is a marathon of the Lord of the Rings films (extended cut), and a viewing of the newly released directors cut of my all time favorite film Once Upon a Time in America which I have had on my shelf since September, so it is due time that I watch it.

As always, thank you for following my blog and helping support it with your views. For a special Christmas present, I would really appreciate it being spread around so I can increase my number of followers, it would make me exceptionally happy.