In honor of the Screen Actors Guild awards tomorrow, I wanted to give my predictions for what I think the winners will be. There are only five categories, considering it also pertains to television (and only acting for that matter) so this isn’t going to be a long read like the Oscars will be. Anyway, here we go:

*Note: I will be using my usual Bold (for what I want to win) and Italics (for what I think will win.)


Best Ensemble Cast:



The Imitation Game

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Theory of Everything

Reason: While Birdman has been passed over in other Awards ceremonies (like the Golden Globes where it lost Best Comedy to Grand Budapest Hotel,) I think it will be the biggest winner at the SAGS with ensemble cast and lead actor. Imitation Game and Theory of Everything are largely dominated by one definitive performance, and Boyhood isn’t a powerhouse other than Arquette. Grand Budapest might win if the stars align, but I think that Birdman has it.


Outstanding Performance by a Leading Actor

Steve Carell- Foxcatcher

Benedict Cumberbatch- The Imitation Game

Michael Keaton- Birdman

Jake Gyllenhaal- Nightcrawler

Eddie Redmayne- The Theory of Everything

Reason: Redmayne and Keaton took gold for their respective categories at the Globes, so it depends on whether or not the Guild wants to give it to the old-timer who hasn’t won anything, or the newcomer who gave a phenomenal and powerful performance (it’s also appropriate to add that it has to do with a disability which is usually award bait.) I want Redmayne to win simply because he is going to be making a name for himself more and more after this immense performance, but that also is the reason why I think Keaton will win because this is probably his last big hurrah in the acting category (and his only one at that, other than a mini-series, The Company.) Carell, despite enormous buzz earlier on in the season, will not win, nor Cumberbatch or Gyllenhaal.


Outstanding Performance by a Lead Actress

Julianne Moore- Still Alice

Rosamund Pike- Gone Girl

Reese Witherspoon- Wild

Felicity Jones- The Theory of Everything

Jennifer Aniston- Cake

Reason: Julianne Moore has garnered the most buzz out of any of these actresses, and she is far and away the most deserving of the award (though I haven’t actually seen it yet,) because she has never won for a film. Jennifer Aniston wasn’t nominated for the Oscar which reduced her chances of winning, and the same goes for Rosamund Pike. Reese Witherspoon, as good as she was, will most likely not win because of the lack of buzz for Wild.


Best Supporting Actor

Robert Duvall- The Judge

Ethan Hawke- Boyhood

Edward Norton- Birdman

J.K. Simmons- Whiplash

Mark Ruffalo- Foxcatcher

Reason: I think it’s pretty much a gimme at this point this is Simmons’ year for taking all of the gold. It is also clear that it is his best performance ever and it should be honored accordingly. Norton and Ruffalo give great performances, as does Hawke, but their chances of winning were shot when Simmons’ started winning. Duvall stands no chance whatsoever.


Best Supporting Actress

Patricia Arquette- Boyhood

Meryl Streep- Into the Woods

Emma Stone- Birdman

Naomi Watts- St. Vincent

Keira Knightley- The Imitation Game

Reason: There was a time when I thought that Emma Stone was going to take the gold this year, but I was happily surprised that Boyhood’s Patricia Arquette was a contender. She has won the Globe and the Critics Choice Award, so it’s only appropriate that she continues her reign tomorrow. Streep is probably done winning and Watts has no buzz, neither does Knightley.


So that’s it for my predictions. This is pretty much the last big stop before the Oscar’s on February 22nd and things are already proving to be an interesting year with some big surprises. As always, stay tuned for predictions and reactions to my favorite time of the year.