And I’m back! After a month in Europe, I am glad to be home to catch up on all the films I have missed and all of the movie-marathoning I would have normally been doing. Currently, I am out of work until September when I will be working for my school newspaper as well as interning for a weekly paper, so while I hope to find a job, a temporary 2 month job might not be entirely possible. This means that I will be watching movies and working on my writing more than normal.

Coming soon will be my Summer Series posts, which I do not normally post on Facebook and Twitter, so if you are currently reading this and are NOT following my site, be sure to add your email by clicking the link to your right for quite a few mini-reviews of movies I watch that aren’t in theaters (though I am going to be trying to expand those into fuller sized reviews as much as possible.. As of right now I have a backlog of about 20 or so Criterion films that I need to watch with a few more coming by the end of the week, so be expecting more arthouse and foreign films for a little while as well as a look into my collection of Ingmar Bergman films which I am very excited to do.

Other things to look forward to are marathons of The Dark Knight Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, Harry Potter, maybe Rocky, and maybe some Pixar films. By the end of today, I will be posting my review of Inside Out, the latest Pixar movie, as well as my first official Summer Series 2015 post.

Thanks again for reading, this summer should prove to be pretty fun.