This is not a full review, that will be available on Wednesday the 7th when it is published in my school newspaper. Until then, here are my brief thoughts on The Martian:

There’s no other way to put it: The Martian is astronomically superb. Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, and the entire supporting cast deliver to us a movie that reminds us of the exact magic that made films like Apollo 13 and Gravity so thrilling. It combines realistic science fiction with a thrilling story and brilliant performances to give us one of the best sci-fi films in years–and one of the best of THIS year for that matter. It carries a perfect pace throughout, never quite dropping below a decent rate of excitement for its 141 minute run time. Damon’s wit is some of his funniest material yet, and his delivery results in one of his best performances ever. So, in other words, you should be buying a ticket to see this movie. You’ll be thanking me later.

Check back on Wednesday for a link to the full review: