Well, one big award show has now passed. In a night full of humor and good times, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted excellently. But no award show goes by without some sort of surprise or controversy. But for the most part, things went as I had predicted.

The main one that stood out to me was Matthew McConaughey winning for his role in Dallas Buyers Club over the much praised and who was the predicted winner by quite a lot of sources, Chiwetel Ejiofor. For me, I thought it was a shoe in for Ejiofor because Dallas Buyers Club wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture. There was a glimpse of Chiwetel’s face after he lost, and he looked devastated. I don’t think too many people saw this one coming, but there is still the Oscars to look forward to, and based on whether Dallas Buyers Club gets more recognition or not, we could have an entirely different winner.

It is funny, last year we had Daniel Day-Lewis, who everybody knew was going to win. There was no doubt about it. Meryl Streep didn’t even have to open the envelope to know that he had won. This year, well, it could go any way, because there were such good performances in both the dramatic and comedic sections. The other surprise for me in the acting category was Leonardo DiCaprio winning for Wolf of Wall Street. He does not hold the greatest track record at winning in the award season, but I am glad he got at least some recognition because he deserved it. I do however think, come the Oscars, that it’ll be more between Bruce Dern, Chiwetel, and now even McConaughey. It will sure prove to be an interesting battle for the coveted gold.

One could call splitting the decision of Director and Picture between Gravity and 12 Years a Slave a bit of a shocker, but when you think about it, Gravity deserves a lot of commendation for what it did. So giving it Director was fair, while giving 12 Years a Slave Best Picture was basically a given. This doesn’t mean to say that things won’t change before the Oscars. Where 12 Years a Slave will be nominated for its acting and set designs, Gravity will be nominated for special effects and sound and all that technical jazz. 12 Years a Slave, which was nominated for 7 awards, only won one, but it was the biggest prize of all. ¬†Both seem in prime position to reap a lot of the awards, but who knows, American Hustle could swoop in out of nowhere.

I am really glad that Her won Best Screenplay, it seriously needed some sort of victory at the Globes, because we all knew Joaquin wouldn’t win.

The nominations for the Oscars will be announced in less than 3 days, so we will just have to wait and see who is snubbed and who is gonna be recognized.

Stay Tuned.