Back in 2010, the far and away front runner for the Best Picture race was The Social Network. It had a stellar cast, a brilliant director, a haunting soundtrack, and it spoke to my generation. It was about the creation of Facebook, it was edgy, new, and different. So what went wrong? The Kings Speech happened.

The King’s Speech is a great movie, I don’t deny it. Colin Firth gave a performance of a lifetime and he was rightfully rewarded, but did it deserve to win all of the gold? No, I don’t think so. Some people may blame the fact that the members of the Academy are old and therefore like what they consider conventional. The King’s Speech isn’t really anything new, it is a period piece, and there have been plenty of period piece’s over the years. Interestingly enough, The Social Network won for its editing, something that is usually given to the Best Picture as well, but unfortunately David Fincher lost his Oscar gold to Tom Hooper.

The King’s Speech only won 1 more Oscar than the Social Network; neither of them really swept any categories. Each of them won a screenplay category, but the King’s Speech won 3 of the big ones: Picture, Directing, and Actor.

I was blown away by The Social Network when I came out of the theater; it resonates so much with today’s society, how basically everyone on the planet has a Facebook. It is how we connect now; much like Her has shown us this year. It was the zeitgeist film for a generation, but it was sadly not given the praise by the Academy that it truly deserved.